Financial Institution – Wilmington DE – Performed a Citrix systems analysis to review the existing Citrix XenApp infrastructure to make improvement recommendations. This was a Citrix System architect project where we designed a High Availability remote access solution. The solution utilizes software from Citrix Inc.. The design also addressed high availability for critical internal systems and a Global Failover capability to protect against a business site disaster. The project also included security consulting, technology assessments, technical writing and best practice recommendations.

BSC services – First Republic Bank – Philadelphia PA – Citrix consulting project to perform a Citrix Xen App 4.5 upgrade, replace two Citrix secure gateways with two Citrix Access Gateway appliances, installation of SSL certificates, configure dual factor authentication using LDAP and RSA secure security. The project also included configuring thin client devices for the new Citrix environment, load balancing Citrix web interface servers, created a universal printer policy, configured group policies for the Citrix server OU; installation of a Citrix Edgesight server, firewall port requirements planning and application deployment and testing.

Philadelphia Housing Authority – Philadelphia Pa. – Citrix consulting project to enabled off shore developers to access development workstations and Philadelphia Housing Authority employees to access a new housing authority application. The project included installing Citrix Xen App 4.5, Citrix license server, Citrix Web Interface 5.0, Citrix data store and resource management databases on MS SQL 2005 server and technical documentation.

MTM Technologies – Wilmington DE
Citrix consulting projects, Citrix architect design work, client presentations, Citrix security consulting (Citrix Access Gateway Standard and Enterprise appliances), LAN/WAN, VPN, Citrix Xen App installations and migrations, Citrix systems planning for various clients and assisting other team members with projects.

Computer Visionaries – TMG Health (Scranton, PA) – Citrix consulting project to install two Citrix Access Gateways Enterprise (Netscaler) 7000 appliances and the installation of Citrix Edgesight server and agents. The project included planning the firewall port requirements for the CAG Enterprise appliances, Edgesight server ports and DMZ placement of the CAG appliances. Configured the Citrix CAG Enterprise appliances for High Availability (HA). Configured LDAP and RSA secure authentication and authorization services. Defined and configured network access, TCPIP specific parameters and the customization of the VPN portal page. Installed the Netscaler licenses and SSL certificates. Designed CAG enterprise session and access policies, advance access controls and virtual servers. Configured the Citrix Web Interface 4.5 server for the CAG enterprise appliances. Performed user acceptance testing and wrote technical documentation. Responsibilities also included developing and executing an aggressive work plan, and resolving business and technical issues.

Cephalon Inc. – (Frazer, PA) biopharmaceutical Co. - Citrix consulting project to upgrade Citrix Xen App 4.0 servers to Citrix Xen App 4.5 servers, install Windows 2003 servers, consolidate Citrix farms, installation of two Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) appliances, allocated and installed Citrix licenses, updated CAG’s and Citrix Xen App 4.5 servers with the latest updates, performed system testing and wrote technical documentation.

Automated Financial services – Exton PA – Citrix consulting project to train client on how to setup and configure Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise appliances. Instructed the client on how to configure a virtual server IP (VIP), Netscaler IP addresses (NSIP), Mapped IP (MIP), session policies, SSL certificate installation, LDAP authentication setup, Firewall port requirements and Citrix Web Interface integration.

Jefferson, Urian, Doane and Sterns (Georgetown, DE), - Citrix consulting project to do a Citrix Xen App 4.5 server installation and configuration, Citrix Access Gateway and Web Interface integration, Advance Access control server installation, SSL-VPN CAG configuration, application publishing and access testing, client software deployment, MS Exchange server assessment and documentation and post implementation support. Responsibilities included installing Citrix Xen App 4.5, configuring the data store on MS SQL 2005 server, developing and executing an aggressive work plan, Citrix design and resolving business and technical issues. Successfully completed Citrix implementation stages on time and within budget.

Lourdes Medical associates (Haddon Heights, NJ) - This project included troubleshooting Citrix printing issues, MS Terminal server licensing issues, planning the upgrade of Citrix 4.0 presentation server to Citrix Xen App 4.5 Platinum, allocating Citrix licenses, upgrading Citrix license server, installing Citrix hot fixes, replacing the clients existing Citrix Secure Gateways with Citrix Access Gateway appliances, configuring an Advance Access Control (AAC) server, installing Citrix Web Interface 4.5, installing SSL certificates, configuring AAC access policies and logon points, updating Citrix client software, DNS updates, Citrix Edgesight server installation, on-going support, training and technical documentation. The project also included racking and configuring HP servers and moving the Citrix data store from an Oracle server to a MS SQL 2005 server.

Erickson Retirement Communities – (Catonsville MD) – Citrix consulting project to do a Citrix Xen App 4.5 proof of concept implementation. The first phase of the project consisted of reviewing the clients existing network and Citrix infrastructure, requirements review and planning the Citrix deployment. The project also included installing Citrix Xen App 4.5 on both 32bit and 64 bit servers, installing Citrix web interface 4.5 and packaging a few Citrix streaming applications for testing purposes.

A second Citrix project consisted of implementing advance access controls on a Citrix access gateway appliance using LDAP AD group extraction and network access policies.

Benjamin Moore Paints – Somerset, NJ - Citrix project included an assessment and evaluation of the clients existing Citrix infrastructure, a review of the clients proposed upgrade plans and best practice recommendations. Provided client with recommendations on how to resolve Citrix printing issues. Advised client on High Availability options for their CAG’s and Web interface servers.

University of Penn Health Systems – Philadelphia PA – Citrix consulting project to configure a Citrix access gateway (CAG) appliance with advance access control policies to check for antivirus software processes. SSL VPN was also configured along with a customized portal page.

Tiedemann Trust Company (Wilmington DE) – Citrix Wanscaler implementation project. Teamed with Citrix systems to architect a solution that would enable the client to optimize their WAN traffic by managing the traffic traveling over their WAN. WAN traffic was optimized by configuring flow controls, compression and CIFS optimization enhancements.

IMS Health (Plymouth Meeting PA) - Citrix AAC (Advance Access Control) End Point Analysis implementation project. Created logon points, Resources and Policies to create a controlled and highly secure remote access solution. Evaluated system test procedures, user administration, and general security controls. Identified issues, developed recommendations, and implemented best-practices for mitigating security risks.

Department of Energy - Princeton University – Plasma Physics Laboratory
Program Management services - awarded a contract to provide the Department of Energy with senior level program management services to support their Fusion Energy research and development efforts in the US and France.

Unitex International, Inc. – Delran, NJ - Cisco Network consulting - Installed a Cisco 1800 router and a WatchGuard firewall. Replaced existing Verizon DSL services. Assisted with VPN troubleshooting.

Bank One/JP Morgan Chase - Application and deployment project. MSI (Microsoft Installer) technologies were used to deploy applications to thousands of desktops automatically without user intervention. We provided Microsoft Active Directory system administration services. The project also included migrating users from a Novell Netware platform to a Windows 2003 server infrastructure.

Organon USA - Provided application and system development services.

Comcast Cable - Website Intranet portal design project - Provided .NET and C# application development services.

TransClick Inc. - referred by Verisign to assist TransClick Inc. with integrating Verisigns, PayFlow Pro E-commerce system and a shopping cart into Transclick's website and merchant account gateway.

Merck - Application deployment project. Developed custom WISE MSI packages and WISE scripts written to support automated application distribution to Merck's sales force new Windows XP Professional laptop computers.

Auto Lenders Liquidation Center Inc. - Auto Lenders ( ) contracted with Intelligent Business Systems, Inc. to re-design their corporate website which supports three of their dealership locations.

Johnson & Johnson - Windows 2000 migration project. Assisted client with migrating several hundred Windows 95 desktops to Windows 2000. Project included re-packaging/ scripting applications for un-attended deployment, Windows 2000 application readiness assessments, Windows 2000 test lab management, Quality Assurance and Windows 2000 and Citrix Metaframe server builds. Performed detail technical and system analysis on several custom internal developed applications.

Intelligent Business Systems, Inc. (IBS-NJ) was awarded a vendorship contract with Johnson and Johnson in December 2002.

TL Business Services - Intelligent Business Systems, Inc. (IBS-NJ) completed a Windows 2000 system migration which required upgrading servers from Novell Netware to Windows 2000. The project also included a Remote Access thin client solution to enable clients and partners to access internal applications securely via the web.

Campbell Soup Company - Team member was a project technical lead to assist Campbell Soup with a Citrix Remote Access Solution to enable International offices to access applications at its corporate headquarters.

IBM Corporation - Team member worked at IBM full time as a Customer Engineer supporting IBM clients in various vertical markets. Managed a territory of accounts and had complete responsiblity for Customer Satisfaction. Supported desktops and printers, resolved application issues, configured servers and troubleshooted network issues.

Clariti Telecommunications - Designed and implemented an Enterprise Wide LAN/WAN for client. The infrastructure included Citrix Servers, Windows NT servers, MS Exchange servers, Great Plains Accounting system, 3Com switches, Compaq & Dell servers and Cisco routers.